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Roof Tile Alternatives For Your Home

Composite Roofing Solutions for Your House

Choosing a roof for your home has never had so much customization involved. Previously, homeowners or builders would select roof tiles from a catalog, place an order and hope the stock that arrived was in good working condition, and true to the color and design shown when the order was placed.

Besides the frustrating nature of this process, there were also unexpected expenses that arose from this kind of selection process. Builders would receive stock of damaged slate tile, or tiles would be heavier than expected (especially Spanish roof tiles). This could lead to building setbacks, or worse.

Brava Roof Tile is changing all of that.

With composite roof tiles that are available in an unbelievable variety of colors and styles, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you order, without any expensive setbacks. Because composite roofing is more durable and more lightweight than its alternatives, it means you can have the roof of your dreams, without worrying about any structural modifications or damage to your home. Also amazing? This synthetic roofing actually looks like the real deal, but with way more buyer control over its appearance. Here are just some of the perks you can expect when shopping for a new roof with Brava Roof Tiles.

brava roof tiles

Any Style Roof

As previously mentioned, with Brava you can enjoy true variety and customization when selecting a roof for your home. So much so, that buyers and builders alike can choose from synthetic slate tile, shake roof or even barrel tile. At a fraction of the weight and cost (with the same visual appeal), these composite roof tiles are hard to turn down.

Any Color Roof

If you have a strong vision of what you’d like your home to be, then full roof customization is a must. With synthetic roofing you can go way beyond choosing the style of your roof, you can also fully customize its color. With most varieties offered in unlimited colors (that can also be mixed and blended) this means you can have full control over the color of your roof.

Elegant Look

Because of their customizable style and coloring, these roofing solutions are some of the best roofing tiles on the market, and there are ample photos and happy homeowners to prove it.

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